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About Us

The Aroma Zzar brand is a line of unique products in the health and beauty arena and are designed and manufactured to provide our customers with the best value and enjoyable healthy relaxing experience to enhance their well being.

The Aroma Zzar brand started from a personal experience after receiving a simple gift of a small bottle of fragrance accompanied by a small glass dish and a tea candle, then progressed into a search for a more sophisticated way to diffuse the oil. 

After attending a few relaxing and expensive spa treatments complete with aromatherapy and relaxing music and nature sounds it became clear that the cost would be unsustainable on a regular basis, so we started to search for an reasonable alternative to accompany our Jacuzzi style bath tub at home.

After extensive research we could not find a single unit that combined a heavy quality non plastic unit with the ability to ultrasonically diffuse essential oils and produce a visual pleasing experience and deliver soothing nature or pleasing personal music sounds, so we thought that maybe their were other people with the same like desires and we decided to design and manufacture the Aroma Zzar Essential Oil Diffuser