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I've used many of the top brands diffusers , and Aroma Zzar is definitely the best . It's not light and all plastic like the others , I love the glass "shade" ! I also love the auto timing options . The lights and sounds are soothing. Has nice weight, it won't knock over. A great diffuser!


Best Diffuser that we have ever bought We have purchased other diffusers in the past and they have all been made of a light weight plastic and feel cheap right out of the box, And usually have a fairly short life span, (we use our diffusers constantly and in the bedroom all night). When we received the Aroma Zzar diffuser I noticed right away how much heavier the box was and when I unpacked it I found out why, the base was a heavier wood grained material and the diffuser top was made out of a heavy frosted glass with a very nice feel. After using it for a few days I realized what we have been missing with the other diffusers, the mist is very steady and dispenses at an even rate and the built in speaker with the nature sounds is extremely relaxing, I like New Age music and the best feature is that I can play it thru the diffuser speaker from my MP3 player (IPod). I would highly recommend this diffuser to anyone.









Love this, just got it yesterday. The seller had actually already contacted me with instructions and tips. It cam in beautiful elegant packaging and has very good instructions on how to use. The glass and wood grained diffuser is high quality as I have researched most of the diffusers are made of plastic this will be long lasting for my everyday enjoyment. The Oil Diffuser emits a steady mist of soothing soft puffy swirls filling the air with your favorite essential oil. It can also be used as a mist humidifier without oil. I tried it first with no oil and it was wonderful . One of the things I really liked is how quiet the different nature sounds were along with a pleasant mist floating through the air. Added benefit is the 7 color lights and the ability to just have your favorite color selected. All 7 colors are great or switch them off for no color. I personally love to listen to rock and roll however I am going to add to my playlist some music that is more soothing and relaxing - it will be great to have while soaking in the tub!. Can’t wait to try that great feature playing my own music .This is an awesome gift item. I just bought another one! It is not only a great diffuser but it is relaxing with the soothing colors and soft sounds. Plus the added bonus of being able to plug in my own music.  

I have been looking for the perfect essential oil diffuser for a long time. I have bought cheap and expensive ones. Some had built-in music. Some had changing lights. Some had an auto-shut off feature. None of them, however, had all of these features. The Aroma Zzar diffuser is in a league of its own. It has all of these features and more. It even comes with a cable to connect my iPod or iPhone to it and play my own music using the diffuser speaker!


The product design is absolutely perfect. This company has thought of everything. The faux wood design is gorgeous and fits in with any decor. The color changing lights add the perfect ambiance to every room, especially low-lit rooms. It comes with a long power cord, a measuring cup with marked fill lines, and a cable to connect to your music player, if you choose to use it that way.

The diffuser itself is very easy to operate. Once you fill it with water, you simply add your oil of choice, and replace the two covers. There are five buttons on the front:
1. Light: Press to turn on, press to turn off
2. Aroma: Press to turn on, press to turn off
3. Music: Press to turn on, press to turn off
4. Left: Press to go back to the previous song
5. Right: Press to go ahead to the next song

The entire product was built with ease and comfort in mind. You can cycle through the built-in relaxation music, including chirping birds, waterfall, rain, and so on. It also automatically cycles through several relaxing colors.

Here are some tips:
· It should not be used as a humidifier. It does not give off enough steam to humidify the air of even a small room
· Use the number of drops recommended by the essential oil. Usually it is 3-5 drops, but this can be modified based on your preference
· When switching scents, remember to wipe the diffuser clean or you may be mixing scents
· The more water you put in, the longer it lasts. It auto-shuts off when the water is gone