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Aroma Zzar Essential Oil Diffuser

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Have you ever bought a cheap lightweight plastic aroma diffuser that did not diffuse the proper quantity and quality of mist that you were expecting, and had them get knocked over because they are too light weight to withstand normal usage or they quit working just after the warranty period ran out?

Well we have, so that's why we had a special high quality diffuser manufactured for our Aroma Zzar brand that solved these problems.

The Aroma Zzar AZ-700 was designed to solve these problems by designing a diffuser with a beautiful wood grained base and a heavy glass diffuser top and while we were at it we decided to add some special features like a built in speaker that allows you to enjoy a simulated relaxing spa experience or enhance your yoga and meditation session while listening to some soothing white noise quiet nature sounds like birds chirping in the distance or a brook softly running in the background, and if you prefer you can plug in your own personal MP3 player or cell phone and play your own selections of calming music or meditation mantras.

We also made sure that it produced an enjoyable visual experience by providing an LED light that produces several beautiful rotating colors for soothing relaxing or romantic settings and if you find a color that appeals to you press the button and it will remain on that color.

Oh did we mention how much children enjoy the diffuser in their room at night as a night light or to listen to the nature sounds to relax them to sleep?

One of the most important benefits is the ability to dispense essential oils, not only for their enjoyable fragrance but for the natural wellness and herbal health enhancing abilities that they have been providing for centuries.

Certain oils have been documented in assisting and enhancing breathing in asthma patients, or when they have a cold or stuffy nose, which makes it ideal for diffusing oils in to the bedroom at nighttime for children and adults alike.

Another excellent use is to position the Aroma Zzar AZ-700 near your bed at night in dry climates or in the winter to provide moisture in the air and serve as a humidifier or nebulizer.

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  • I've used many of the top brands diffusers , and Aroma Zzar is definitely the best . It's not light and all plastic like the others , I love the glass "shade" ! I also love the auto timing options . The lights and sounds are soothing. Has nice weight, it won't knock over. A great diffuser!
  • Sandee
  • Love it. So relaxing, even without using the sounds. I have used it with oils for sleepy time, and without just for moisture in the air. Quiet, and soothing. Loved the information that came as well. Very easy to set up and use, packaging was done very well. Pleasantly surprised that the top was glass and not plastic. Worth the purchase
  • Danielle
  • Definitely the best diffuser on the market top quality and the different setting works great with my favorite oils
  • Nunzi
  • This is an awesome gift item. I just bought another one! It is not only a great diffuser but it is relaxing with the soothing colors and soft sounds. Plus the added bonus of being able to plug in my own music.
  • Babblin
  • I finally found a diffuser that belongs in my bedroom. While I bought the essential oil sampler two months earlier, I didn't want to put a cheap plastic diffuser in my apartment. Aroma Zzar is primarily made up of beautiful frosted glass. It's very easy to use: lift the glass, pour in water and add drops of essential oil, replace the glass and push a button. Then enjoy hours of relaxation. The changing gentle lights and nature sounds are very nice; I look forward to playing my own Kirtan music from my iPhone soon. Aromatherapy Top 6 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Basic Sampler Essential Oil Gift Set- 6/10 Ml (Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Orange, Peppermint)
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